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Pioneers in the industry, we offer isotertinoin accufine capsule 30 mg, mupirocin ointment ip, supatret 0.04 gel, melamet skin cream, 30 gm derobin ointment and brite cream 20 gm from India.

Isotertinoin Accufine Capsule 30 Mg

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Product Brochure
Strength30 mg
Packaging Size1*10 Capsules
Packaging TypeStrips
Drug NameIsotretinoin
Product TypeFinished Product
Manufactured ByHealing
UsagesFor the treatment of severe acne

ACCUFINE 30 Capsule belongs to a group of medicines called retinoids (vitamin A derivative). It is used to treat severe acne that has not responded to other treatments.

Mupirocin Ointment Ip

₹ 102 /Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Pack Size7.5 g
Packaging TypeTube
Pack TypeTube
Prescription/Non prescriptionNon prescription
Brand NameMupicip Onitment

Mupicip Ointment for Bacterial Infection is an antibiotic medicine used to treat certain skin infections such as impetigo (red sores), recurring boils, and others. It works by killing certain bacteria. This helps to improve your symptoms and cure the underlying infection

Supatret 0.04 Gel

₹ 288 /Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Packaging Size20 gm
Packaging TypeTube
Skin TypeOily Skin
FeaturesAnti-acne & Pimples, Oil Control
Shelf Life24 months

Supatret 0.04 Aqueous Gel is a form of vitamin A that is used to treat acne which appears as spots or pimples on your face, chest, or back. It also helps to smooth rough facial skin and to reduce fine wrinkles on the skin.

Melamet Skin Cream

₹ 85 /Tube Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Pack Size15 gm
Pack TypeTube
Packaging TypeTube
ManufacturerUniversal Twin Labs

Melamet cream is used for the short term treatment of melasma, a con. For best results, avoid sun exposure of skin and the use of sunscreen is recommended.

30 Gm Derobin Ointment

₹ 133 /Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Packaging Size30g
Product TypeFinished Product
Shelf LifeMore Than 24 Months
CompositionSalicylic Acid (1.15% w/w) + Dithranol (1.15% w/w) + Coal Tar (5.3% w/w)
Manufacture ByUSV

Derobin Ointment has a combination of medicines that are used to treat psoriasis. It helps to provide relief from redness, itching, and swelling. It removes dead skin cells and helps in softening the skin.

Brite Cream 20 GM

₹ 135 /Tube Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Packaging Size20 gm
Ingredient TypeNon-Herbal
Packaging TypeTube
Skin TypeUneven Skin Tone
Shelf Life18 months

Brite Cream 20 gm contains 'Hydroquinone'an skin-lighting agent used to treat skin problems like acne scars, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and photoaging. It also used to treat freckles (small brown spots on the skin), age spots and chloasma (darkened skin caused by hormonal changes).

Finast 5mg Tablet

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    FINAST 5MG TABLET helps in shrinkage of an enlarged prostate, where finasteride works by blocking the production of a stress hormone called dihydrotestosterone in the body that causes prostate enlargement. As a result, it reduces the size of prostate, prevents further growth, and improves urine flow.

    Isotretinoin 20 Mg Soft Gel Capsules

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      Isotretinoin is used to treat severe types of acne (such as nodular or conglobate acne, or acne that is at risk of causing permanent scarring) in adults and adolescents. You will use Isotretinoin when your acne has not got better with anti-acne treatments, including antibiotics and skin treatments.

      Morr F 5 Solution

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        MORR F 5% SOLUTION contains Finasteride and Minoxidil, which belongs to the group of medicines called 5-Alpha reductase inhibitors and vasodilators respectively. It is used to treat male pattern baldness and helps to stimulate hair growth in such cases when applied directly to the affected area.

        Tugain 10 Solution

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          TUGAIN 10% SOLUTION contains Minoxidil which belongs to the group of medicines called Vasodilators. It is used to treat hereditary hair loss (androgenic alopecia) on the head in men and women. Androgenic Alopecia affects the hair present in the crown and the front portion of the scalp.

          Mintop Eva Solution

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            Mintop Eva Solution is a medicine used to treat common hereditary hair loss. It can prevent further hair loss and help hair to re-grow. It works by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles on your scalp, which prevents hair cell death and also enhances new hair growth.

            Retino A Micro 0.04 Gel

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              RETINO A MICRO 0.04% GEL contains Tretinoin, which belongs to the group of medicines called Retinoids. It is used to treat acne. It can also be used to treat wrinkles, skin spots and rough skin.

              Cosmelite Cream 20g

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                COSMELITE CREAM is used in adults for the treatment of moderate to severe melasma (dark spots on the skin) in association with sun-avoidance measures, like using sunscreens and wearing protective clothing. Consult doctor before using.

                Candid Cream I . P .

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                  Candid Cream is primarily useful for fungal infections of the skin such as athlete's foot, jock itch, ringworm and other fungal skin infections. This medication is also beneficial for the skin conditions known as pityriasis (flaking or scaling of the skin).

                  Retino Ac Gel

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                    Retino AC Gel is a combination medicine that helps treat acne (commonly called pimples) by reducing the production of excessive oil in the skin that causes acne. This also kills acne-causing bacteria and prevents spots or pimples from appearing.

                    Takfa Forte CREAM 10G

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                      Takfa Forte Ointment is used to treat eczema (atopic dermatitis). It works by suppressing the activity of certain immune cells that cause inflammation (redness and swelling) of the skin. This relieves itching and improves rashes in atopic dermatitis.


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